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At Greenstone United Methodist Church we try to create an environment for students that is both spiritually and socially safe. Our youth group meets at our church every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30 with trips and events scattered throughout the year. A typical night at youth group involves games (such as ultimate Frisbee, kick ball, SPUD, etc), snacks, prayer, and time in the word followed by a relevant message. We are a growing group that greatly enjoys the community that we have created for ourselves at Greenstone. If you are a student between 6th and 12th grade come check us out!
What does a typical youth group look like? Lots of times youth ministry is hidden behind loud music, games, and frivolity. What is really at work here is building relationships. The key to any youth ministry is to maintain relevant relationships with each of the kids. We greatly enjoy spending time with all of the students involved in our youth group. In addition to the loud music and fun games we always come together during the night to spend time in the Word of God.
At Greenstone UMC we attempt to offer opportunities that lead students towards a deep, personal relationship with Christ; provide a sense of community, and bring about hope & love to others while serving missionally. We want our students to know and believe that the truth of a life lived to the fullest in Jesus is not only available to them but is what Christ himself longs for.

All of our activities are intended to strengthen our community—whether it be through a game of kickball, a trip to play laser tag, a bible study, or a campfire-side service. We try our hardest to foster an environment that any friend would feel welcomed upon arrival and leave with the feeling that they had been a part of the group for years.

Greenstone United Methodist Church
116 East Washington Ave
Washington, New Jersey 07882

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